Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…


We realize that everyone may not know much about FIAT, but we like to be optimistic. We’re here to reintroduce FIAT to those who have seen our cars out on the roads and wondered “What is that gorgeous, tiny car?” or “Where can I find out more about that suave little automobile?” Let us take you back to the beginning.

It all started in 1899 when Giovanni Agnelli founded Frabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, a.k.a. FIAT. The company quickly became popular in Italy and the cars sold like hotcakes and eventually took control of the vast majority of the Italian auto market. In 1910, FIAT opened a factory in the United States and began it’s American campaign.

While FIAT is most known for their cars, they’ve also been involved in providing insurance for it’s automobiles, building planes and artillery during World War I as well as motor cycles, railway trains and much more. They’ve since cut back to focusing on cars, which makes our jobs a little easier. Selling planes and trains would be tough.

FIATPic2More recently, FIAT has taken ownership of Ferrari (85%) and Maserati. People here in the US might be more familiar with FIAT’s acquisition of Chrysler after the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, both companies have surged forward together. Our studios are living proof that Americans are just as fond of FIAT as they’ve ever been and Chrysler is on an upswing as well. We were hoping they’d select Minneapolis as the new HQ for FIAT Chrysler Automobiles though.

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