Smartphone Apps for your Car


We all love our cars and love driving them. We also love our smartphones, and I’m sure you wished there was were ways to use it to improve your driving experience. Lucky for you there’s a number of apps to help you be a better driver, save on gas, and avoid traffic jams. Here are our favorites:

Automatic (iOS, Android)

Automatic is an app that every driver should consider buying. At first the $99.95 price tag might scare you, but that’s for the technology that will help you become a better driver. Your phone connects to a “Link” that plugs into your car’s data port and sends info to your phone. It lets you know if you’re driving too aggressively, braking too hard, along with how efficiently you’re using gas, among other stats.


GasBuddy (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)

Saving on gas is something that every driver tries to do. GasBuddy can help you save even more. It aggregates gas prices from all the gas stations in your area and shows you which one closest to you has the lowest price. It may not be an app you use as heavily as others, but it’s definitely one that will help you when you need it most!


Waze (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


No one enjoys traffic and we do what we can to avoid it. Waze is here to help us avoid it all together. It uses a community of drivers to report traffic conditions, location and size of accidents, etc. Use it on your way to work, school, or vacation, and it’ll find you the quickest way to get there, even rerouting you if there’s a faster route. You’ll save gas which saves you money, and you won’t be stressed by traffic again!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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What to know when checking radiator fluid

FT014_049FH__midRadiator fluid, either coolant or antifreeze, moderates the cooling system and temperature in your car’s engine by keeping it warm during cold winter months and cool during the summer. The U.S. Department of Transportation claims cooling system failure is the leading cause of vehicle breakdown. Fortunately, keeping an eye on radiator fluid levels is one of the easiest preventative maintenance tasks you can perform.

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